Time for a move?

How to start this.. well it looks like a major move both in location and career could be underway. I have been given the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in Perth Australia and am going to take the opportunity to scope out careers in terms of salary, types of work etc over there. Should we like the place and think that this is viable we may well sell up and move over there.

The only thing is….

Well in reality there is more than one ‘only thing’ This is a massive change for the whole family and obviously there are differences in employment law and history of employee relations between the UK and Australia. The other major change is giving up the work that I have here and risking the chance of not getting employment in Perth. On the other hand this could be the best step I take for my career, international experience, better salaries and improved standards of living.

I would love to hear from anyone who has taken this step and made the move to another country, in particular form UK to Australia and how they have made this a success. Also if there are companies who would be able to provide some work experience opportunities this will help me to get an insight into the way of work in Western Australia. Love to hear from you!!

2 responses to “Time for a move?

  1. L immigrated from Iraq to live my dreams in the USA without being called names because of my religious believes..Thank you for following my blog,best regards

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