Is HR a happy profession?

Recent stats show that up to 90% of HR staff are happy in their profession despite working excessively long hours and feeling generally undervalued by the organisation that they work for. So is this the result of the current financial position that the country finds itself in, that HR bods are prepared to put up and shut up to keep employment?

Certainly there are some areas of HR where a business with problems ensures the security of the HR professional. Surely in the world of TUPE arrangements, restructures and ongoing disputes there is a place for an employee relations expert? The caveat being as long as the restructure isn’t in HR of course.

Having regular discussions with colleagues I would say that on the whole people are generally happy with their lot. There are always generalist moans but usually about how other managers and departments are failing to meet their objectives and the level to which they need our support (the irony!)

The main reason why we supposedly put up with this slight on our careers is that we secretly enjoy being interrupted. We love the cut and thrust, the gossip leading stories of the day. To be privy to the darkest secrets of the organisation and dealing with  its issues with a cold steely determinism that leads our managers to rely on our advice, support and guidance. In short we feel needed and important. As Maslow is often quoted some of the very basic needs of humans are at the bottom of the basics of HR careers, the need to be needed.


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